As you begin to explore the value of you're home keep in mind that there is a lot more that goes into pricing then just what your neighbor sold for.  With all the the access to information buyers have today it is so important to price your home correctly. The most important things to consider when getting ready to sell your home is PRICE, PRESENTATION AND PERCEPTION. A home that is priced accurately and presents extremely well will create a positive perception that it has been well cared for and that it would ultimately be a home many buyers would want to live in. As part of our free no obligation analysis we will provide you with some in depth guidance on things you can do to help maximize the value for your sale. Start preparing today!


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"Peter is highly knowledgeable about the Hopkinton real estate market, and specific to this review, the Condo market. He knows the prospective buyer audience, what draws them to Hopkinton, and what will make your property go to the top of their "must have" list. If that weren't enough, Peter is an excellent stager! If he tells you to get rid of stuff, get rid of it. If he suggests a change -- here or there -- make it! Equal to these skills, Peter answers all your questions and addresses all your concerns. Never rushing through his answers or minimizing your concerns. Superior people skills! Best of all, Peter believed in the value of our community. We received an offer matching the sale price we targeted within days of listing -- the highest price in years for our community and closed without a hitch!" - FO 2017