Now that Boston has made the "shorter list" for Amazon's HQ2, what does that mean for the real estate market in the area?!?! Il tell you one thing, wherever the new HQ is located will help boost property values in and around the city.  Check out the link below from CNN:money!!

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Your bathroom should not be the focal point of clutter, low light, and those awful dated maple colored vanities. Here are some great ideas from Houzz to make your bathroom pop, bright, and look clean as ever!! Check out the link below! 

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My other profession is the art of extinguishing fires, but building a fire is a lost art. Check out these great pointers from Country Life Magazine on how to build the perfect fire  Enjoy!

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I am not entirely sure what I find more foolish, playing Russian roulette or paying rent.  In this day and age it is really easy to make money, but some of these avenues are not so secure.  Bitcoin is the new fad and likely will become a well recognized means of funding, but when it comes to the big game, real estate will always be the most secure investment in your life. Check out this great article courtesy of Boston Agent Magazine and find out  why, A. Renting is wasted savings and B. equity is the quintessential component in creating  strong wealth. 

2018 is your year to start creating this wealth for yourself and not your landlord. I am always available at any time to answer all of the  questions you may have.  Let's make it happen.

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I know we have all lived through a lot of New England winter's, but it is always a good idea to be prepared.  Especially when the meteorologists are dropping words like "Bomb Cyclone"!! 

Click the links below for how to be more prepared than you already are. (And if you would like to know what a bomb cyclone is).

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From the demise of granite counter tops to the rise of more color in the kitchen, check out what Time: Money is saying to look out for in 2018!! Click the link below for more info.

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